The Boulevard Club West Wing Replacement

Designed by Martin Baron while at Teeple Architects Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

The Boulevard Club

Teeple Architects Inc.
Martin Baron – Partner-In-Charge

Gross Floor Area
2,700 sq.m. | 29,000 sq. ft.

$14 Million

Completed 2017

Sustainability Features
Highly efficient insulation with cold-bridging minimized, high-albedo roof, heat recovery, rainwater treatment plant.

OAA Design Excellence Award – 2017

The West Wing Replacement contains locker rooms, a badminton centre, and a gymnasium, all large, windowless volumes on a tight, prominent water-front site. The building is conceived of as a large sculptural roof concealing the bulk of the large volumes within. The roof slopes down towards the heritage centre block where the gymnasium pops up under a dormer-like structure. Circulation is placed around the exterior walls to maximize glazing and views.